Be very present and feel gratitude for everything you see and experience during every moment, Try to feel the gratitude in your heart. -UJ —via Sergio Guerrero (@Sergioaguerrero) January 16, 2015

Welcome to the Official STORE


Shirt options: Rear Options


SHAKKA CLOTHING CO. Official Store Front. ( United States Pacific Time (US & Canada) San Diego, Ca. #Shakka #Shakkagear #shakkashirts #ShakkaClothingCo #shakkastickers #shakkastore

Store is under construction, Please do check back very soon!

via Content Poll. OFFICIAL SHAKKA CLOTHING CO. Front! Words of a feather. gratitude. Content Poll..

#Shakka #Shakkagear #shakkashirts #ShakkaClothingCo #shakkastickers #shakkastore 

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