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Welcome to BoyzToyz411!
A resource from a collective of themes, You will find my personal Interests as well as world causes that need light bending.

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Life in the living.

∇ Sergio Guerrero Δ Listen to the music. Feel it in your soul, heart.. vision it. Listen to others; don’t be so quick to jump into a judgmental state. Relax, unless you know otherwise.

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“Sexy Latino, They Call me Daddy BAMBINO. NO really thought, just passing by.. WAIT erase, and Re-scribble last Line.. Second Time just SUPPER Fine. ..Wait A Minute,.. REWIND”

My Name is Sergio, My friends call me “Serg.” – {S. A. G. } Sergio A Guerrero
“The odds are good, but the goods are odd.”

Father, Lover, Optimist. Worked my way up from the low restaurant jobs, to quitting for full time school in pursuit of a ‘high’ paying IT job. I held many job tittles in between.. Bus Boy/ Everything in-between, Barista for Starbucks, Delivery driver for Sherwin Williams, Real Estate Loan Processor/ Office assistant, Unemployed, Computer Systems Administrator, Unemployed, IT Technical Support for SnapOn, Sales for Credit/ Merchant Processing, Sales for Media/Communication, Landscape/ Construction & Remodeling, to Unemployed, searching for the great; what I deserve, This is my time.

I’m open minded! Usually, I’m willing to experience anything at least once! My favorite pastime is you. I also love meeting new Down to Earth Individuals. Thanks!

..Are Looking to Purchase or Refinance your home? Have you ever though of getting Life Insurance, Identity Theft Protection or have you ever been in a Legal Situation, but didn’t have a Professional by your side?

IT SPECIALIST – 24/7 Specializing in PC Recovery & Backups.
Antivirus/Spyware Removal/Recovery. // Custom Graphics/Designs. // Custom PC Builds. // Networks Private/Business.

Send me a message; I can assist you or a friend in finding a great solution. Don’t hesitate! Make it a Wonderful Day!…

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