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safety of the soldiers, exposure to WDMs in the Field. Iraq war, C.I.A.


“If we were aware of these compounds, and as it became clear over the course of the war that our troops had been exposed to them, why wasn’t more done to protect the guys on the ground?” asked Aaron Stein, an associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute. He claims that the lack of education provided to the soldiers and dispersed from the Pentagon raises questions about how committed the military really was to the health and safety of the soldiers. “It speaks to a broader failure,” 


I had nothing to do with September 11th… I was right here, minding my own business…

Now, the major questions seem to be what can be done for our soldiers who may have been exposed, and what culpability the military might hold if they knew weapons were being used, but not informing soldiers of the risks.


Lied about WDM’s, defector, Bush – White House search found no banned weapons.

Lied about WDM's, defector

I Lied about WDM’s, defector says. Iraq war.

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