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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 12, 2015

Global biosphere implosion and geo-economic collapse both continue to unfold on countless fronts while the corporate media spin machine tries furiously to keep the public focus completely distracted from any and all dire realities.sin-city-scandals-_0 The 911 event was certainly carried out by terrorists, but which terrorists? Who was responsible for spawning, funding, and arming groups like Al Qaeda? What about ISIS? What critical questions about 911 have yet to be addressed by the criminal cabal that masquerades as the US government? 911From the 911 events to the skies above our heads, the crimes of the power structure are being exposed rapidly, what will they do as the walls close in on them? Is the world war lll card going to be played? Don’t sit out the fight for the common good, educate yourself and make your voice heard.

Credits: geoengineeringwatch.org | Dane Wigington

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