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Foster criminality by paying up, exploit R-W #Cybersecurity

Should you pay?
We’re not going to moralise about whether it’s always unacceptable to support criminality by paying up, even if you are in a difficult position.

We’ll leave you with plainer advice, namely, “It’s OK to pay, but it’s much better not to.”

  • So, keep these two points in mind:
    Don’t pay if you can possibly avoid it, even if it means some personal hassle.
  • Take precautions today (e.g. backup, proactive anti-virus, web and email filtering) so that you avoid getting into a position where you ever need to pay.
  • Remember: if you don’t have backups and you lose your laptop, you’re in the same trouble – worse, actually – than you would be with ransomware.

After all, there’s no-one you can pay any amount of money to in order to get your data back. To find a solution to this an a bundled others, follow me on Twitter, and my other social medias. I look forward in assisting you with a Solution. –Gio Guerrero


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