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Just a quick A.V. review. My thoughts.. SOPHOS

Just a quick AV review. My thoughts.. If you have not yet been current with an Antivirus, now is a good time to get one. Payed versions vary and could cost a leg, but definitely have some nice features. Check some of these features like Sophos Endpoint; Cloud management, Policy management, multi-platform.. Here is a sample in banner below!

Free antivirus suites are ritled with adware/spyware, be sure to keep an eye out. Choose custom install to exclude tool bars, search enhancers widgets etc.. A good option is Avira Antivirus Free, they are strait to the point. -@sergioaguerrero

antivirus review, sophos, avira

antivirus review, sophos, avira

BTW I’m not getting a penny for this. Just want to spread awareness #cybersecurity

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Credits: #sophos Thanks for endpoint trial! @boyztoyz411 BoyzToyz411| @ShakkaClothing @sergioaguerrero

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