True Facet Raises $1.7 Million For Its Secondhand Jewelry Marketplace

TruFacet, The company’s vision of a transparent market for secondhand jewelry, known investors behind it. 1.7M Fresh Financing.

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As Valentine’s Day approaches TrueFacet is looking to expand its onlline marketplace for secondhand jewelry with $1.7 million in fresh financing.

Backing the company’s vision of a transparent market for secondhand jewelry are a slew of well known investors. Maveron, Social Leverage, Founders Coop and Trilogy out of Seattle have all bought in to it’s founder’s vision of a one-stop shop for fairly priced priceless gifts.

Items on the site range from the mid-level Tiffany piece, to more expensive limited edition jewelry and watches.

The recent Techstars Seattle alumnus was founded by Tirath Kamdar, a former marketing executive at Fab who has spent his entire life in and around the jewelry business.

Forty years ago, Kamdar’s relatives opened Gemerals — a division of the Indian company Mahendra Brothers, a longtime DeBeers partner – in New York and Chicago.

It was in Chicago that Kamdar first gained exposure to his family’s jewelry business, where he…

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