PUPs want to get on your computer to make money off of you

PUPs are programs in the form oftoolbars, adware, plugins or other downloads that sneak onto your computer


Toolbar addons, search providers. Common

PUPs are not classified as malware (yet?), since they’re not always harmful but pretty much always annoying, hence the name “potentially” unwanted. But, PUPs are getting more and more unwanted than ever: just the fact that you don’t know what you’re installing is undesired. If you notice a sudden change in your computer’s speed, notice your search engine changed, experience annoying pop-up ads, notice new toolbars in your browser menu bar or any other sudden change in your computer’s behavior or layout, chances are high that your computer has one or more PUPs installed.

Download a free anti-malware utility below! By Emsisoft.


Free Software, Pre-loaded with PUPs. Continued..


Credits: emsisoft.com Emsisoft Emergency Kit Download.


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