Valentine’s Day, like Halloween, is rooted in pagan partying.

Valentine’s Day celebration is big business—the 2015 holiday is expected to generate $17.7 billion in retail sales in the United States. -Now is the time to lock an event onto your business.. creating an event, offering today’s special’s will increase your retention rate according to data /sales numbers. The folks who take a chance and give back, a definite yes to do.



The annual pagan celebration, called Lupercalia, was held every year on February 15 and remained wildly popular well into the fifth century A.D.—at least 150 years after Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.

According to the story, in the third century A.D., Roman Emperor Claudius II, seeking to bolster his army, forbade young men to marry. Valentine, it is said, flouted the ban, performing marriages in secret.


st. valentines

For his defiance, Valentine was executed in A.D. 270—on February 14, the story goes. While it’s not known whether the legend is true, Lenski said, “it may be a convenient explanation for a Christian version of what happened at Lupercalia..

Credits: John Roach of NatGeo


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