Ancient Hammer London, Texas

The London Hammer 

Max Hahn who lived between (1897-1989) along with his wife Emma were walking along Red Creek, near their home in London,Texas. when they spotted a rock Concretion with wood sticking out from it.

About 1983 The fossilized tool was purchase by Creationist Carl Baugh, He soon promoted it as “the London Artifact” at his Creation Evidence Museum, which opened in 1984.

An Alleged Out-of-Place Artifact

The style of the hammer would lead us to recognize it as 19th. Century in date and of definite American provenance.

Having acquired the object in the early 1980s, Baugh promoted it as dating from a time before the mythical Flood of Noah. However, it was soon pointed out by a geologist that minerals dissolved from ancient strata can harden around a recent object, impressive to someone unfamiliar with geological processes.

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